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At HYP3TRAiN we believe that every customer should be able to receive a realistic return on their investment, and not have to pay large fees for reselling on other platforms.

Instead of confusing our customers with hundreds of sneakers, we have curated a niche catalogue of sneakers from trusted resellers that can provide lower prices compared to our competition.  

For the buyer, you will undergo a unique experience that can only be found on our site, and it all starts once you place your first bid on a sneaker auction.

When a product is purchased, you will not only receive the sneaker, but instead it will arrive in a custom printed shipping box with our logo, a personal letter of gratitude, along with a variety of high-gloss branded stickers.

Our unique approach to an oversaturated reselling market is what makes our brand stand out from the others, and will keep customers like you coming back for more.

By treating each customer like a person instead of an order number, it cultivates a relationship with our customers that a larger company could never attain.

Our site has been a long journey of development, and since we have finally secured enough funding to launch, we are now dedicated to adding new features and improving the ones we already implemented.

The feedback you provide is the most valuable information we can use to make our company experience superior to the competition, but we will we truly believe you will join us for the long ride of development regardless.


Developer & Founder - Hugh Trotter 

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